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We are The Church Ladies of The Church Ladies Cooking Show. A network is a group or system of interconnected people or things. Helping each other go forward is the key to success.  We have created a network that is a win, win, for all.  We have simplified a system so that everyone can help each other. We believe this network is a combination of YouTube and Facebook.  Ok, here it is.  We are looking for good content (Video Material) to put on the The Church Ladies Network.  Good means a video that informs, entertains, or/and edifies. This makes it easy for you to tell your friends, family, and even your congregation to view your content. We are a Christian based company so morality is important.  Now, here is the good part, as you tell them about your content they will have the opportunity to, not only, see your content but see other members content as well, while they look for your content.  This is why it must be good.  They will tell someone and they will tell someone and so on.  We screen the content before we accept it.  There is no cost, contract, or commitment to be a part of the network. Of course, we will have guide lines to follow.  You will download your video to us through our SendTransfer or give us your YouTube link. We can then attach the link to a thumbnail so that when it is clicked your video is shown. There are different categories; sermons, talk shows, music videos, and more, on the page so the thumbnail is important. Again, this is a network, so the more attractive the videos are the greater the chance the viewers will come to the network to see your content and others. We are going to do our part in the marketing. Our starting goal is 300 viewers per day. We will use all efforts available, Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, and more to market the network. If we work together achievement is inevitable. 

Krystal-Lee Enterprises

Dr. Krystal Lee