The Church Ladies Cooking Show

The Church Ladies at "When Women Unite Conference"

The Church Ladies came out to the When Women Unite conference

to serve women of all races.  The food was delicious and the women were

filled, spirit, body, and soul.  

The Church Ladies at the Food Bank

Covid 19 came in like a flood.  The Church Ladies 

set up a standard against it and helped out 

at the Food Bank.  Sharon went on Facebook and told 

everyone she brought a trailer full of food boxes

to her home and she screamed out " Come Get It." 

The Church Ladies St Dekalb County Jail

The Church Ladies are out in  the community at the Dekalb County Jail.

  Neicy prepared a meal and served food  for many officers and armed 

forces just to make their day a little easier.

The Church Ladies Praying in the Community

Click to see the prayer summit video montage

The Church Ladies was at a prayer summit on August 

29, 2020.  We prayed with BISHOP ZACHERY AND APOSTLE LETITIA MCGEE  along with many other ministers.  We believe prayer 

can break down walls in the community and make

life better for everyone.

The Church Ladies with The Atlanta Children's Shelter

The Church Ladies filmed show with some of the kids in The Atlanta Children Shelter.  We prepared fun meals 

for the children and had guest to come in and read stories to them while they ate.  Dr. LaTarsha Holden was happy 

to come in and read one of her children books to the kids.