The Church Ladies Cooking Show

We Are The Church Ladies

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We are the Church Ladies. We are coming with something new to the Cooking Networks and the world. You remember the days when you got out of church and went to the cafeteria to get that paper plate with fried chicken, potato salad, and collard greens. We made a show from that. We love to cook. But we needed to do more. So we started a new network call The Church Ladies Network. Yes, you can still see the cooking shows on it, but we have open the doors for churches, ministers, and most anyone that has good,clean, content that can edify people. The Church Ladies are here to bless you physically and spiritually.

Renice (Nicey) Beavers

     This is Nicey and I feel so blessed to share a little about myself with you. I began at the age of ten with a love for cooking. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am 1 of 3 children and I’m the only girl so I was expected to be in the kitchen. I cooked in the kitchen with my father who had great family recipes and always had our kitchen smelling amazing. My mother gave me the love for baking and taught me very well. My mother taught me how to make the best sweet potato pie and I still have the same recipe from my childhood. I remember as a child cooking with my grandfather and how he made me the most delicious buttermilk biscuits with fried green tomatoes and bacon. I thought this was the best food in the world. I’m so happy I have those memories with them. I am the proud mother of three and I have taught my children through the love of God how to cook from the heart.

     With God’s guidance, I started my catering company, Beavers & Company Catering, at the early age of 19 and catered small parties and different events and I have been cooking and catering ever since. I have over 25 years of cooking experience and I am currently the co-chairperson over the hospitality ministry at Cathedral of Faith C.O.G.I.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a wonderful time serving the people of God and serving with the love of God on us. My restaurant, Atlanta Jerk Company, is in the making and will be located in the Metro Atlanta area. My love for cooking pours into every dish, every entrée and every dessert I make. Cooking is a lot like life, it can be sweet, bitter, salty and seasoned. Love what you cook and cook what you love. Cooking is life!

Sharon Canty Simms

    Greetings, from a person whose name carry many components such as; Mommy Sharon, Grandma Sharon, Auntie Sharon, Sister Sharon, "my homie" Sharon, Evangelist Sharon, and last but not least Sharon the accountability partner. I Sharon Denise, would have never imagine in a million years that my name alone would carry so much of a significance; especially being raised in a small town called Santee, South Carolina. My grandmother taught me to the best of her ability surviving skills, she was honest and real about life and the problems that may arise with it. Who would have again thought a woman who was confined to a wheel chair, ministered to me life longed lesson would make my name important? she always expressed to me "Sharon the only thing you have in life that would make you stand out is your integrity and your character" My grandmother "Rosa Lee" expressed, drilled, and repetitiously reminded me that people do not always listen with their ears but also through the stomachs. So, she taught me how to cook with my heart and not with my head. It took my years to understand that concept, even years after my grandmother passed away. The passion for cooking was birth in me the day I accepted the lord, Jesus Christ in my life, everything that my grandmother was trying to teach and showed me now began to come to pass. I remember helping the mother's in the kitchen at the church selling dinners to raise money for the building fund; we all know about that. Then as time progress I discovered that cooking became therapeutic and fulfilling, to the place that I was creating food entrees base intuition, I really want to say by the Holy Spirit. Now I'm at a mega church cooking for over 3000 people. Cooking is a ministry of mine that i pray whole heartily about and for. This may sound strange but I make sure I pray over any food I send out to anyone; I want the person eating the food I prepare to be just as happy to eat it as I prepared it. So, I said all of that to say this, I am just Sharon, a person ordinary like you, that can make things happen with her hands that God has given unto me. My passion is to help motivate you to use what you have, possess and allow God to do the rest. 

Libby Ann Gladstone

My name is Libby Ann Gladstone. I was named after my mother’s second sister. I was born in San Francisco California with my twin sister Lynne Marie Gladstone on December 16th. I was raised in New York city. Loved NYC but hated the cold weather, so I eventually moved to the ATL. I love Atlanta and the weather lol. I have two wonderful sons. I am a Christian woman who loves to cook. Cooking is therapeutic for me. I love spicy foods. I like to make interesting and different dishes. Love to take traditional recipes and put a new/different twist on them. I thank God for the opportunity to be a part of The Church Ladies Cooking Show