The Church Ladies Network​

We Are The Church Ladies

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Renice (Nicey) DeBreaux

     This is Nicey and I feel so blessed to share a little about myself with you. I began at the age of ten with a love for cooking. Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am 1 of 3 children and I’m the only girl so I was expected to be in the kitchen. I cooked in the kitchen with my father who had great family recipes and always had our kitchen smelling amazing. My mother gave me the love for baking and taught me very well. My mother taught me how to make the best sweet potato pie and I still have the same recipe from my childhood. I remember as a child cooking with my grandfather and how he made me the most delicious buttermilk biscuits with fried green tomatoes and bacon. I thought this was the best food in the world. I’m so happy I have those memories with them. I am the proud mother of three and I have taught my children through the love of God how to cook from the heart.

     With God’s guidance, I started my catering company, Beavers & Company Catering, at the early age of 19 and catered small parties and different events and I have been cooking and catering ever since. I have over 25 years of cooking experience and I am currently the co-chairperson over the hospitality ministry at Cathedral of Faith C.O.G.I.C. in Atlanta, Georgia. We have a wonderful time serving the people of God and serving with the love of God on us. My restaurant, Atlanta Jerk Company, is in the making and will be located in the Metro Atlanta area. My love for cooking pours into every dish, every entrée and every dessert I make. Cooking is a lot like life, it can be sweet, bitter, salty and seasoned. Love what you cook and cook what you love. Cooking is life!

Cryshenda  (Khrys) Riley

     Cryshenda Riley “Chef Khrys,” is a native of Eastman GA and a 1996 graduate of Dodge County High School. She has two children, Auybraya Coggins and Brayloun Riley. Chef Khrys discovered her love for cooking after the birth of her son, Brayloun. He would him at the kitchen table while eating and she would find him later asleep. Touched by these moments watching her son, is when she found her love for cooking. She found herself to become a natural at it and through preparation for her family she crafted this gift that was Anointed by God. Chef Khrys is what you call a self-taught Chef.

After many years of cooking for her family and friends, Chef Khrys embraced her passion and gift. In 2015, Chef Khrys moved to Atlanta GA where she was employed by K&K Soulfood. After 3 wonderful years she felt the Spirit of God moving her to another level. And through her obedience and the leading of the Holy Spirit she is now the successful entrepreneur, Owner and CEO of Stylish Fruits & More Catering Services. Chef Khrys’ specialty consist of the art of designer fruit sculptures, sport themes, baby strollers and strawberry roses to name a few. She was able to master this artistic gift under the leadership and guidance of The Crown Plaza’s Executive Chef Jon Papineau and Chef Allen Sirull. She adds many flavorful cuisines to her menu such as her special nachos cheese dips, meatballs, custom salads, gourmet sandwiches and much more.

Chef Khrys has catered special events including the album release party for Song Writer and Recording Artist Apostle Dr Marlyn S. Thomas, who is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Lifeline Family Worship Center in Fayetteville GA. In 2018, Chef Khrys and her team were honored to cater John Riley's new authors event. She continues to grow her brand by catering other events throughout Atlanta GA.

Monique (Mo) Hill

     My Father had such a passion for making the best desserts and seeing the biggest smile on my families faces. There is nothing truly special as the smell of a homemade dessert coming through the kitchen on a weekend day. He would make all types of desserts like pies, cakes, and cookies. He held his head high on the fact that his desserts were from scratch. Before losing my Father from cancer in 2014, I promised him that I would keep his tradition going by opening a bakery in his honor. As a graduate of Clark Atlanta University, I sought to find a way to make this promise become reality. I wanted to share with the world the same love and passion my Father shared with his family. I have always enjoyed baking and have been doing it for years. In fact, my Father and I used to have baking competitions on who was the best baker. With every cake I bake today, I always have the picture of my Father with me in the kitchen. I pride myself on keeping the tradition of baking all my desserts by scratch. The beginning of this year, I have officially started my catering company “Just Baked: Cupcake Bar & Bakery”. Currently our services provide our customers with cakes of all types, extravagant dessert tables, and festive holiday platters. My hopes are to eventually have my own store front and utilize my platform to donate a portion to the American Cancer Society.